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2h 18m Crime, Drama 2015
The Lunchbox
1h 41m Romance 2013
Nude Tuesday
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2022
The Graduate
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 1967
1h 39m Drama, Romance 2021
Samson & Delilah
1h 40m Drama, Romance 2009
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
1h 59m Drama, Romance 2019
1h 48m Drama, Romance 2019
1h 53m Drama, Romance 2016
Love Affairs
2h 2m Drama, Romance 2020
2h 1m Drama, Mystery 2001
Suite Française
1h 47m Drama, War 2013
The Nightingale
1h 40m Drama, Family 2013
Harold and Maude
1h 31m Comedy, Drama 1971
Cold War
1h 28m Drama, History 2018
Le Jour Se Leve
1h 33m Crime, Drama 1939
Certified Copy
1h 46m Drama, Romance 2010
Breakfast at Tiffany's
1h 55m Comedy, Drama 1961
1h 50m Fantasy, Romance 2018
2h 22m Drama, Romance 2010
Antoinette in the Cévennes
1h 35m Adventure, Comedy 2021

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