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1h 40m Crime, Drama 2011
The Rover
1h 43m Crime, Drama 2013
The Place Beyond the Pines
2h 20m Drama, Crime 2013
Wind River
1h 51m Crime, Drama 2017
2h 18m Crime, Drama 2015
Touch of Evil
1h 44m Crime, Drama 1958
The Guilty
1h 25m Crime, Drama 2018
Promising Young Woman
1h 53m Comedy, Crime 2021
The Blues Brothers
2h 13m Action, Comedy 1980
The Big Lebowski
1h 57m Crime, Black Comedy 1998
The Angels' Share
1h 37m Comedy, Crime 2012
2h 1m Crime, Drama 2018
Le Jour Se Leve
1h 33m Crime, Drama 1939
The Dry
1h 57m Crime, Drama 2021
Only the Animals
1h 58m Crime, Drama 2021
Ong Bak
1h 48m Action, Crime 2003
No Country for Old Men
2h 2m Crime, Drama 2007
2h 20m Crime, Drama 2014
Leon The Professional
2h 13m Drama, Crime 1994
Jackie Brown
2h 34m Crime, Drama 1997
Heroic Losers
1h 57m Adventure, Comedy 2020
Hard Eight
1h 42m Crime, Drama 1996
Good Time
1h 42m Crime, Drama 2017
1h 39m Comedy, Crime 1991
Death in Brunswick
2h 29m Comedy, Dark Humor 1990
2h 13m Crime, Drama 1975
Buffalo Soldiers
1h 38m Comedy, Crime 2001
Blood Simple
1h 39m Crime, Drama 1985
Blue Ruin
1h 30m Crime, Drama 2013
Animal Kingdom
1h 48m Crime, Drama 2010
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
1h 30m Action, Comedy 2013

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