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The Painter and the Thief
1h 47m Documentary 2020
My Name is Gulpilil
1h 41m Biography, Documentary 2021
Banksy Does New York
1h 20m Documentary 2014
The Dissident
1h 57m Documentary 2021
1h 29m Animation, Documentary 2022
James & Isey
1h 30m Documentary 2021
No Ordinary Sheila
1h 38m Documentary 2017
1h 49m Documentary 2021
The Heart Dances
1h 38m Documentary 2019
The Imposter
1h 39m Documentary 2012
The Biggest Little Farm
1h 31m Documentary, Kids and Family 2018
Rain of the Children
1h 42m Documentary, Biography 2008
Pecking Order
1h 28m Documentary, NZ Title 2017

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