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Mister Organ

1h 36m Documentary 2022

Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Tickled, Dark Tourist) becomes fascinated by the late-night antics of a rogue wheel clamper in New Zealand. When Jillian Bashford, the owner of the shop this wheel clamper patrols, denies knowing him, Farrier becomes even more intrigued by the mysterious figure. The clamper is Michael Organ, and once he has a name, Farrier starts to learn more about Organ, finding he’s actually a convicted thief who once claimed to be royalty. At this point, Farrier finds Organ has set his sights on him, too — with him and the antique store owner, Bashford, filing legal papers against him. As Farrier attempts to decipher what is going on with Organ and Bashford, he meets other victims who Michael moved in on in the past. Farrier then attends court with Organ and loses. Afterward, he sits down with this strange figure to talk about what the hell is going on, surprised when Bashford turns up too, seemingly happy and jovial. At this point, Organ pushes further into filmmaker Farrier’s life, revealing that he has a key to Farrier’s house. Instead of pulling away, Farrier becomes more curious, spending more and more time with Organ. Organ tells Farrier that other mystery men are responsible for all the problems he encountered — like stealing a yacht — and all the problems Farrier’s encountered too: like having his key stolen. Organ insists he is the good guy, a friend, not foe. As Farrier continues to meet more of Michael’s victims, realising that not only is Organ a master manipulator, but he also inserts himself psychologically into people’s minds; and that he is inserting himself into Farriers. MISTER ORGAN is a thrilling and tension filled three-year long investigation — unearthing a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives, and at least one stolen boat.


David Farrier




New Zealand



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